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September 1, 2020
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Create-It-Yourself Kids Kites: A Unique Solution For Entertaining Kids

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Whenever a large group of kids comes together, it is a struggle for parents or caregivers to come up with enough activities to keep them busy. Nothing is worse than a room full of bored kids! There are the old standbys like musical chairs or stringing bead necklaces, but most kids have already done those hundreds of times. An art project like do-it-yourself kids kites can be just the thing to capture their attention and imagination.

Kids love building things. They exhibit such a sense of pride when they have made something that can be truly useful. That's why creating original kids kites is the perfect art project to add to any gathering of kids because they offer a variety of uses. Kids artistically design their own kite and can then take them outside for a test flight.

Birthday Parties

Most kids go to a dozen or so birthday parties in any given year. Unfortunately, most of them rely on the same games and activities over and over again. For a truly original birthday party, have each party attendee design their own kids kite. This art project not only serves as an activity, but it also doubles as a great goodie bag replacement for kids to take home. Parents will find it a refreshing change to have their kids return from a birthday party with an actual kite they designed rather than the usual bag of inexpensive trinkets.


Camp counselors are always on the lookout for rainy day activities. Any good camp has an arsenal of projects just waiting for the first sign of rain. Kids kites that they can make themselves are an excellent project to keep on hand for rainy days. Kids can spend hours designing their own personal kites with paint, glitter and markers.

The best part is that these kids kites can also be used as a camp activity. When the rain stops, it is fun to hold a kite-flying contest among campers. Prizes can be awarded to the highest flying kite, most original design and shortest-in-flight. Campers will have fun competing and as a bonus they get to take their kites home at the end of camp!


Traditional and homeschool teachers alike are always looking for innovative ideas to make their lesson plans pop. Kids kites can serve many purposes in an early education curriculum. For instance, the creation and artistic design of a kite can be part of an art class. Kites originated in ancient China, so a kids kite project could include Chinese artistic elements or ancient history. American history lessons can be integrated with a study of Benjamin Franklin's famous lightning experiment.

Kids retain information better when they involve all of their senses. By integrating a kids kite project into a history lesson, the students are more likely to enjoy the lesson, retain the information and comprehend the facts.

Weekend Fun

Of course, there is no reason why a family cannot enjoy their own kids kite activity without planning a birthday party or homeschool lesson! Both kids and parent can always benefit from taking time out of their busy schedules to decorate a kite together and fly it outside. It is sometimes these simple activities that kids remember the most.


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