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November 7, 2020
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Choosing the Right Paddling Pool for Your Children

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A fabulous Family Paddling Pool will be an absolute must for your back garden come warmer summer months, well when it isn't raining! Your little ones will thank you and it will keep them amused for never ending hours while they splash around.

There are loads and loads of different types and sizes of Paddling Pools to choose from out there on the internet and in local shops. In this article I'm going to help you to think about what is right for you and your garden.

We have recently bought a paddling pool for our Son and although I wanted to get a huge inflatable one in the end we chose something thats a bit more practical for our garden. You see our garden is surrounded by loads of spiky hawthorn bushes, you know the ones with the big horrible spikes that inflatable paddling pools just love yes I'm being sarcastic.

So if like us you have these horrible bushes or lots of shape stones in your garden then the more popular inflatable paddling pools might not be for you. Like us though you are in luck because there are oodles of frame based pools that won't go pop, they might still get punctured but its not as big of an issue if your pool doesn't need to be inflated.

If your garden is a sharp object free area then you must be a happy bunny! You have the widest choice when it comes to wicked Inflatable Paddling Pools, they come in all sorts of sizes from Baby pools for your newborn, to Family pools that will fit your whole family comfortably (well with in reason, I'm not talking cousins and distant relatives!).

Years ago there was little choice when looking at children's paddling pools, you had the choice of round pools in different colours, now though technology has come on a bit and you can get loads of different shapes, some with slides and seats, built in covers and filters to keep the water clean. All of these features are available for you dependant on your budget.

If you just need a pool for your young children then your really not going to need to spend much money at all for less than twenty quid ( thirty dollars ) you can great a cracking paddling pool that will last you for years if you and your children look after it. Try not to leave the water in for any more than three to four days as it can start to go a bit swampy, but to be honest if your children are playing in the pool, the water isn't going to stay in there for that long! You'll probably have to clean it out when its full of grass sand and mud, like ours does very quickly.

If your children are a bit older or you would like to join in the fun with your children then I suggest you take a look at some of the excellent family paddling pools that come in sizes from about eight foot upwards. These are great for lounging around in, and although they are not as expensive as a hot tub, they do the job on a budget, well they cool you down not heat you up!

One thing to note though if you are tempted (as I was.. but her indoors told me I couldn't have one..) to get a huge paddling pool for your garden is that you have to remember that it will need filling and a big pool can take a huge amount of water and in some areas of the world water costs a lot. Here in the UK thankfully due to all the rain, we have lots of it.

I hope I've helped you somewhat in looking at some of the issues when choosing a Paddling pool for your garden. Happy Paddling!


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