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July 21, 2020
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Beach, Kids And Metal Detector - An Ideal Combination for Fun

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What is a metal detector? It is a device used for detecting metals which might be embedded deep into the ground or in water and has a number of different practical applications. While the intention underlying its invention was to detect mines and screening for security, its application soon spread to other industries like pharmaceuticals, textiles, packaging and so on. Over all its purpose could be described as that of detecting hidden metals which makes it useful for treasure hunt.

If kids were given a metal detector, how would the combination be? With the amount of time that children spend indoors today, enticing them outside with the promise of a treasure hunt is a great idea, especially if the location is a beach. Being an open expanse of sand and that too one which might be replete with lost metal items, a beach is a good place for children to try their metal detecting skills on a holiday.

Imagine a kid sitting with a toy rod and catching fish with it - it is just a matter of time that there are squeals of joy on having trapped something. Similar is the fun when children embark on a metal detecting expedition on the beach. It is the joy of having found something irrespective of its value not to mention the physical exercise and mental alertness both of which are imperative requisites.

Having decided to introduce your child to this handheld tool, the next step entails selecting a proper model bearing in mind your child's age, height and ability to handle equipment. Given the limited attention span of children, an ideal metal detector would be one which would be a 'turn-on and go' machine, not too technical and not very expensive either.

Using a metal detector on the beach invariably implies that its coming into contact with water is inevitable. Because this might prove hazardous for your child, an essential guideline in this regard would be to choose a model which has the provision of a waterproof search coil. Although this may not be as immune to water as an expensive machine used by scuba divers it would still reduce the chances of a hazard.

Beaches might be by the ocean or by the lake and both have their own charm. Hunting on the seashore would entail being aware of high and low tides wherein the latter are much more lucrative than the former. Comparatively shores of fresh water lakes are easier since there is hardly any fluctuation on a daily basis and change in water level is subject to the season.

A golden opportunity for the kid armed with a metal detector would be a drought situation since large areas which were previously under water might be exposed. Occasionally it might be a natural lake which lays bare a large tract but if it is a man-made lake then treasure hunting is fun as also lucrative because it often exposes hitherto submerged towns or villages.

However, safety is an important concern when a child has a metal detector in his hand because there is no saying as to what the nature of the buried object might be. Because a beach is a public place, instead of a treasure, the object might turn out to be a shard of glass or a jagged metal edge both of which are extremely dangerous. Therefore constant supervision and steady training are a must during such expeditions.


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