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August 31, 2020
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How To Raise A Rabbit - 3 Critical Tips To Taking Care Of Your Rabbit Correctly

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Have you ever felt at a loss because you do not know how to raise a rabbit? This guide will show you the basics on taking care of them. If you are a new rabbit owner, make sure you remember these tips.They are lovely pets and will stay happy if you take care of them properly. 

You have to make sure that your rabbit house is cleaned thoroughly and regularly. A dirty rabbit cage will result in a dirty and smelly bunny, and you yourself will feel discouraged to approach and cuddle with your rabbit because of the dirt. Don't let the dirt pile up because it will be more difficult to clean. The number one thing you should remember on how to raise a rabbit is to clean the house every day. A rabbit will usually shed waste in one spot so put a newspaper there. Change the food daily, and clean up the excess food and soiled bedding every day.

Do not let your rabbit get dehydrated! Aside from providing enough food for your pet rabbit, it is important to keep the rabbit well-hydrated by placing a water bottle near the rabbit cage. It is recommended that you put it outside of the cage but make it face the rabbit cage. This will avoid accidental knocking of the water bottle by the rabbit, and thus, you have fewer things to clean. This is common sense for every pet owner, and not a specific answer on how to raise a rabbit. Like the rabbit house, clean the water bottle everyday and replace it with fresh water daily.

The next point will teach you how to raise a rabbit by feeding rabbits with the right kinds of food. Rabbits can eat hay, but this is not just any kind of hay! For younger rabbits, alfalfa hay is good but for the older ones, it's better to give them timothy hay. Of course, rabbits love fruits and vegetables so feed them with lots of it! Carrots are bunnies' favorite veggies, but you can also give them leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. As for fruits, a selection of apples, strawberries, melons, pears and/or peaches would delight your furry friend. Make sure they are fresh. Aside from food, you can place a chewing toy inside the rabbit cage. Rabbits like to chew and this will keep them from getting bored.


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