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April 30, 2020
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Fun Games for a Family Picnic

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Picnics are a fun way for families to enjoy the outdoors and spend time together. Kids love being outside and like the novelty of eating in a park or picnic area. But for those families with children to entertain, having a game idea or two on hand can prevent the young ones from getting bored and wanting to go home early. Here are a few activity ideas that family members can enjoy together.

The beanbag crab is a good game for children aged six to eleven. To play this game, the only materials you need to bring are small handheld beanbags. In this race, the contestants should get into a crab position (feet and hands on the ground, with the back facing the ground as well). The object of the game is to race from point A to point B and back with a beanbag balanced on each person's head. If the bag slides off, that person must return to the starting line and begin again. The winner is the contestant who reaches the finish line first with the beanbag still on his or her head. You can modify this race by eliminating the beanbags and having a simple crab walk race.

Another fun but unusual picnic game is the bat run. All you need is a baseball bat or a long stick and an open area in which to play. Take the materials and players to the open area and mark a goal about thirty feet away. Place one end of the bat or stick on the ground, bend forward, and place your forehead to the other end of it. Spin around the bat ten times. The object of the game is to make your way to the goal while you are still dizzy. Whoever reaches the goal in the fastest time wins.

Anyone who has teenagers knows the difficulty of getting them to participate with the rest of the family. In this case, choose some more age-appropriate activities such as badminton, volleyball, and even water games if the weather is nice enough. Baseball and softball can also lure teenagers into an after-meal activity that will keep your family playing together for hours. On a final note, remember that most kids of all ages love to swim and play in the water, so picnicking near water is a fail-safe way to provide great picnic activities. If you do go this route, however, remember safety first and bring life-vests, sunscreen, and other protection if necessary.


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